On the coast there are several beaches. You can find it with sand or rocks.



1 – Marina di Alberese

Marina di Alberese is the most famous beach of the Maremma Park and is also the most easily accessible. The input is the same of the Park, and since access is allowed to a very small number of cars, it is convenient to leave the car in the parking lot of the park and then take the free shuttle service; the beach is also accessible via a bike path that starts from the visitor center and is 8 km long.
Along the way to access the beach you can see herds of wild horses and Chianina.
The beach of Marina di Alberese is pristine and consists of fine sand. It opens to a dense Mediterranean vegetation that offers numerous points of natural shade. The sea is crystal clear. The coast along several kilometers is characterized by the presence of tree trunks and branches bleached by the sea and the sun, which are constructed of “Capannette” primitive-looking that offer good shelter from the sun.
In the access point to the beach in summer, there is also a food court.
If there is hard to walk, we should not stop immediately, but go to the left; the beach becomes gradually less and less crowded and you can better appreciate the natural beauty of this place. The southernmost part of the beach, where the crowd of bathers can be seen only in the distance, is frequented by naturists.

2 – Cannone’s Beach in Talamone

Beautiful cove rocky bottom and good for those who love scuba diving and snorkeling.

3 – Bay Beach of Talamone

They come from all over Europe lovers of sailing, windsurfing and kite surfing, in fact, this beach is located in a bay where the wind blows regularly and, given its geography, despite the strong wind, the water stays flat in the first two miles. In addition, up to two hundred meters from the shore is touched and then you can practice easily.

4 – Osa Beach

The beach, eight kilometers long and 15-20 meters wide, is between two rivers, the Osa and the Albegna and is bordered by lush pine trees and a bike path. The beach is located in the area of camping but it is accessible to all.

5 – Giannella Beach

The Giannella is the pillow to the north of the Argentario, you meet him a few km before getting to Porto Santo Stefano. You will find both resorts that several kilometers of beach, there are numerous bars and restaurants by the sea. The access points to the beach are numerous and meet them on the road of the same name. This beach is very suitable for sailing sports. Behind the beach it is narrow and has a long pine forest.

6 – I bagni di Domiziano

The Baths of Domitian (also called beach Gerini) is a small sandy beach located on the right of the road leading to Porto Santo Stefano, at the foot of what was once the villa of Domitii Enobarbi. During low tide, the sea still emerge the remains of the old tanks for fish farming, are also visible the ruins of the ancient Roman villa. The gently sloping seabed is therefore a beach very suitable for children. The beach is all free, there is no bar nor beaches.

7 – La Cantoniera

La Cantoniera is a small beach of sand and small pebbles. You can reach on foot from Porto Santo Stefano, through the gallery where once (1913-1944) spent the train that connected the country with Orbetello. There is the beach that the beach club with bar and restaurant. This beach is lively and very popular, you’ll have to admire local teens who perform in diving from the rocks on the left side. When there sirocco wind the sea is crystal clear. It is also accessible to the handicapped.

8 – Cala Grande

Cala Grande perfectly visible from the parkway, the cove is the most frequented by boats Argentario. The vegetation reaches down to the shore and there is no tourist who does not stop to photograph the beautiful scenery. You overlook the three beaches of pebbles, the path leading to the first of the three is a little more than 500 meters and is actually the ancient ditch of the Cauto crossing the picturesque spot of tall ilex. The course is not overly challenging but not suitable for everyone. Great place to snorkel and relaxing swims.

9 – Cala del Gesso

Cala del Gesso is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Argentario, is situated along the scenic drive up to 5.9 km, where you will find the right exit because of the Pioneers, it is a road that you have to follow for a few hundred meters, after which, at the end of the descent, leave your car and go through a gate with a walkway, from here you must take a tarmac path (admire the breathtaking views) about 700 meters long (the return uphill is not recommended during the hottest hours) . The fatigue of the journey is richly rewarded by the beauty of this bay, the beach is composed of small pebbles and is located opposite the islet dell’Argentarola. Right on the cliff are the ruins of an ancient watchtower of the XVI century Spanish.

10 – Cala Piccola

Cala Piccola, in this small pebble beach is accessed from the main road following the indications of the Hotel Torre di Cala Piccola. The road is paved and comfortable. There is the beach club hotel. Opposite the beach is the renowned coral reef, a rock from 45 meters depth goes up a few meters from the surface, it is a favorite destination for divers.

11 – Mar Morto

Mar Morto the path leading to the beach is quite long (about 500 mt. But not too challenging) the name of this bay comes from its rocky barrier that prevents the waves to directly reach the shore, forming natural pools in which the ‘water is always calm and allows for bathing in total relaxation. Do not forget to bring umbrella, sunscreen and water because there are no bars it natural shelters from the sun (which here is always very strong). The bottom of this bay is the most beautiful Argentario also is also rich in fish, there will be enough a mask to enjoy the show. For you will have to identify the pitfalls lie smoother, obviously does not get too comfortable, however we do not recommend going on the beach at the foot of the slope because in summer the heat is almost unbearable and access to the sea more complicated, certainly better barrier which we talked about earlier, where you can more easily reach the open sea that the natural pools, also is the most pleasantly ventilated.

12 – The Acqua Dolce

The Acqua Dolce is reached by Doors Hercules taking the scenic route and follow the signs to the Hotel Il Pellicano. Shortly before reaching the hotel entrance you will be forced to leave the car in a parking lot and walk on a path very easy along about 200 meters. The beach is formed by sand and small pebbles. We advise you not to arrive too late at the beach for the sun in the summer around 18:00 sinks behind the mountain behind the beach.

13. La Spiaggia Lunga

Spiaggia Lunga can be reached from Porto Ercole via the scenic route, arrived at km 1.55 (a few meters before the junction for Forte Stella) you are on the right path to take to the beach. The trail is about 200 meters long and in some places it is difficult practicability. The beach is free, but for those who want it there is the service rent umbrellas and sunbeds. The bay is dominated by the Forte Stella

14 – Le Viste

Le Viste can be reached from Porto Ercole, just leave the country taking the scenic route, on the left you will find a small bar down the road, leave your car in the designated parking and go down an easy path of about 100 meters. The beach is both free and equipped with bars and beach clubs. In front of the bay is the island.

15 – Spiaggia della Feniglia

Six kilometers of beaches (both free and equipped) enclosed in Poggio Pertuso and Porto Ercole on the one hand and from the promontory of Ansedonia and the other backed by a beautiful nature reserve (accessible only on foot or by bicycle). Also suitable for families with small children, because the seabed slopes gently. It ‘s always full of people being one of the most desirable beaches of the entire Silver Coast. On the Ansedonia it is a bit ‘less crowded.

16 – Beach Ansedonia

The beach facing Capalbio is the first part of the coast that continues towards the Lazio. You will immediately find a beach with bar and restaurant, but the beach is not missing. This part of the beach of Ansedonia, is characterized by the presence of Cut, of Torre Puccini (or Tower of sliced) and the slit of the Queen that lie directly on the beach.